Top Prices Paid for Gold, Silver, Coins and Collectibles

DMV Gold of Manassas now offers CASH LOANS!

Get paid INSTANTLY! No Credit Checks! Payment methods are Cash, Checks or Wire Transfers. Larger transactions maybe processed a check.

Items we specialize in:

  • Jewelry - Any kind (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, and Antique in ANY condition)
  • Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins - Any condition.
  • Watches - Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Cartier and others.
  • Purses - Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and more.
  • Cellphones - Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, Samsung Notes Phones
  • Electronics - Apple iPads, Microsoft Surfaces, Tablets, Newer Laptops and more.
  • Laptops - Apple MacBooks - HP - Dell and more.
  • Commercial Grade Power Tools - Hilti - Milwaukee - Dewalt - Makita

Please call ahead to make sure we accept your type of item!
DMV Gold Manassas - 703-791-9669

How it works.

Appointments are highly recommended so that we can be prepared by researching your item. This eliminates time that you are in the store as well as enables us to put together our best offer.

  • Bring your item in and we appraise it. We make you an offer.
  • You accept the offer and we request basic information from you including a valid Government Issued ID.
  • You sign the pledge paperwork and you’re on your way! Yes, it’s that easy!


How much can I get for my item?
We make you an offer at a percentage of what the item is worth. We make our offer based on the cost of storage, security, future demand and pricing.

What special Promotions are you offering?
We currently are running FREE INTEREST for the first 15 days on items less than $250. That’s right, come back and get your item back within 15 calendar days from the original pledge date on your item of $250 or less and pay NO INTEREST! After the first 15 days you will get charged interest for the full month, just as you would normally be charged. The only thing you will pay is the Storage Fee and ERM fee. Promotion limited to one per house hold per calendar month.

Why do a loan?
Loans are usually cheaper than Bank Overdraft Fees, Credit Card Late fees, Credit Card interest hikes due to late payments, Utility Reconnect Fees.
Loans are great for quick instant payments so that you can get your bills paid without ruining your credit, No Credit Check required and we do NOT report to credit reporting agencies.

What happens if I can’t pay?
Defaulting on the loan with us will NEVER affect your credit report. Since the loan is based on collateral, the loan is considered pains in full when the item is handed over to us.

Why Choose DMV Gold?
Several reasons. For one, we offer No Interest for the first 15 days on items $250 or less. We offer loans that aren’t offered by banks or any other traditional lending institutions.