Why sell your gold silver coins and collectibles

Top Prices Paid for Gold, Silver, Coins and Collectibles

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Locally Owned Small Business

All of our locations are owned by us this means that we can give you the best prices and service around. Customer service is our #1 Priority.
Our sales staff are not on commission and do not receive any type of compensation for purchasing your Gold, Silver, Platinum or any items. No pressure, hassle free atmosphere.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured as per code:


Our Gold Buying / Precious Metals licenses is always displayed publicly which is required by law.

Safe, Secure and Inviting Environment.

Convenient Location with Plenty of Safe and Easy Parking

We strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

When choosing locations for our store we take into account of how easy it is for our clients to park, how secure the surrounding environment is as well as how easy it is to find us.
Ever pull up to a location that just doesn’t feel safe? We know the feeling, that’s why or location is next to high traffic stores with lots of customers all around!
Don’t feel uneasy walking up to a store with your valuables.

Why drive around for 10 minutes looking for parking then either having to feed the parking meter or risk getting towed?

Best Equipment with the Latest Technology

This is VERY important! Anyone can go out and buy a $10 acid testing kit but how many stores go out and invest in the BEST equipment? This is the same model machine as seen on the World Famous Pawn Stars TV show!

-Each store is equipped with the latest Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metals Analyzer.
With the Niton XL2 Precious Metals Analyzers we are able to show you and guarantee your Gold, Silver and Platinum content.

-Our scales are certified by the Local County and the State.
NitonXL2-1 nitonscreen-1

We are not a Jewelry Store

Since Gold / Silver / Platinum & Collectible buying is our main business, we rely on volume. We will pay you the most so that you can keep coming back and referring friends.

No funny business with Pennyweights (DWT) to try to confuse you as other shops may attempt to do since it makes it sound like you are getting more per unit.

To compare apples to apples, don’t be fooled by higher prices other shops might be quoting in Pennyweights (DWT)

Gold Buyer A- $25 per DWT - 40 DWT (2 Ounces) $1000
Gold Buyer B- $20 per Gram - 62.2 Grams (2 Ounces) - $1244

You lose out on $244 even though you are getting $5 more per DWT!

No Shipping your valuables out

We are a local business.  Unlike online stores that you blindly send your gold to and hope to get top dollar (Sometimes as low as 10-20% of its value) and get a check in a few weeks! With us you get your Cash INSTANTLY!

Our Guarantee

We offer the best prices for your Gold, Silver, Platinum and Coins guaranteed!

Bring any competitors written quote and you will be sure to leave happy!