Top Prices Paid for Gold, Silver, Coins and Collectibles

What to look for?

  • Are they a temporary operation with a store without any permanent fixtures or signs? Are they set up for temporary events in conference rooms / hotels? Do they have a reputation to uphold?

  • What type of business is their main business? Gas Station? Furniture Store? Check Cashing?

  • Do they offer to give you store credit for more than their cash price? Why can’t they just offer the best prices no matter what?

  • Do they weigh and test the item in front of you? Will they show and explain to you what the process is if you ask?

  • Can they show you accurately what karat your gold is? Acid is easily manipulated. Lots of dealers will tell you the item is 10K when it’s actually 14k or maybe even higher.

  • Do they offer to “dispose” of your “fake” gold? Chances are it’s not “fake” Easy way for them to scam you out of your item.

  • Are they Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

  • Are their Precious Metals License displayed so that the public can view it? If not ask to see it!

  • Are their scales Calibrated and Certified by State?

  • Do they use Pennyweights? Some dealers will use Pennyweights (DWT) to try to confuse you. Ask them to convert it to grams for an honest comparison.

Compare apples to apples, don’t be fooled by higher prices other shops might be quoting in Pennyweights (DWT)

Gold Buyer A - $25 per DWT - 40 DWT (2 Ounces) - $1000
Gold Buyer B - $20 per Gram - 62.2 Grams (2 Ounces) - $1244

You lose out on $244 even though you are getting $5 more per DWT!